Sunday, May 3, 2020

Communication Between Healthcare Professionals and Women

Question: Discuss about the Communication Between Healthcare Professionals and Women. Answer: Introduction: Ability to communicate effectively is one of the tools in communication learned in this topic. In order to convey information, nurses should have effective communication skills. Communications can be in different categories, which include written, non-verbal communication, verbal communication, and the use of visualizations. Communication between two persons or more should be perceived as a process. Effective communication skills are very important in the healthcare sector. Good communication skills help to create a good relationship between the patient and health professionals. The healthcare professionals must have good communication skills in order to be able to explain a condition and treatment with a patient, communicating with other healthcare professionals and communicating bad news. In many healthcare professional programs, communication skills and knowledge are very vital. Good communication skills by the health professionals are important in identifying patients problems in a more accurate manner (Stead, 2016). Effective communication by healthcare professionals is the core for offering quality healthcare. The patients need and require support and help from other people. Contact between the health profession and a potential patient requires respectful, considerate, helpful, and courteous communication. Patients usually feel good when they get the responses they want from their health professionals, this experience is important as the patients become more cooperative and can keep in contact with the healthcare providers. If the encounter between the healthcare professionals and the patient brought out a negative experience after communication, the patient can limit further contact. Depending on the importance to complete their care, limited contact can lead to serious consequences. They may end up avoiding instructions given to them by their healthcare professions. Response to Post As mentioned in the post, critical thinking is imperative to a healthcare student. In this case, through critical thinking, the student will have a better understand of the information learned to give them the ability to explain the same to others. In addition, I agree that critical thinking can enable the student to develop a framework, which they can use to practice rational standards. Its significance is in the clinical practice where nursing students can make assessments and reviews to improve the outcome. Therefore, critical thinking for nursing student is important in the assertion of solid arguments when making clinical presentations Reference List Moore, P.M., Rivera Mercado, S., GrezArtigues, M. and Lawrie, T.A., 2013. Communication skills training for healthcare professionals working with people who have cancer. The Cochrane Library. Stead, M.L., Brown, J.M., Fallowfield, L., and Selby, P., 2016.Lack of communication between healthcare professionals and women with ovarian cancer about sexual issues.British journal of cancer, 88(5), pp.666-671.

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