Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Choose two pieces of literature, one labeled fantasy and one labeled Essay

Choose two pieces of literature, one labeled fantasy and one labeled realistic fiction that treat the same important theme, such as family, getting along with your peer group, the value of imagination, etc - Essay Example However, Salinger’s book is ultimately more effective, because it must function in a world familiar to reality, rather than a fantasy world of whimsy. In Frank Herbert’s â€Å"Dune,† Paul Atriedes is a young prince whose family moves to a desert planet. After the death of his father, Paul must join with local freedom fighters to overthrow the Harkonnen spice empire. In the process, Paul becomes a sort of living legend, and a combination Muhammad- and Jesus-figure. He is able to do this because â€Å"Dune† is not a world that has to function familiar to the reader’s reality. In Salinger’s book, Holden Caulfield is also a sort of prince; his parents are wealthy, he is white, and he goes to an expensive boarding school. And like Paul, he must overcome his demons and become a man. But it is much harder for Holden, because he is intimately familiar with the crazy world that is close to New York reality (realistic fiction). And instead of earning the respect and women of freedom fighters through knife fighting, Holden is taken advantage of and beat up by a pimp. His story is funnier, and also more human than Paul’s; this is because his story has to function by the rules of

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