Friday, August 9, 2019

Managing Creativity and Changes in Organizations Essay

Managing Creativity and Changes in Organizations - Essay Example The management of intellectual capital will require skills that nurture creativity and innovation in the workforce rather than compliance as in the past.† The case of Apple Incorporated is sheer evidence that hierarchical management structures will be less evident in the future. Instead, nurturing creativity and innovation in the workforce will be a must rather than doing a requirement of compliance for hierarchical management. What Apple exactly did is a depiction of innovation, a significant change that opens the door for the more innovative business approach in the future. Apple Incorporated has primarily dealt more with specialization, leading to the progress of its product offerings in terms of technological advancement. However, what is clear in its case is the ability to promote creativity and innovation concerning the skills of the manpower to develop something new. At Apple Incorporated, it does not matter who the boss is, for as long as everybody has something new inn ovative to offer that is in line with the firm’s vision to go for a change and lead in the industry. Aside from the fact that Apple has been producing new innovative products in the market and has become the leader in its industry due to this approach, it has also successfully made an innovation in its business model, and together these have called for effective management of skills prior to creativity and innovation. In other words, the company’s business culture is more of a deviation from the traditional business model.  

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