Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Although we need regulation on internet for many reasons, the U.S Essay

Although we need regulation on internet for many reasons, the U.S government should not regulate internet because it could endanger e-business - Essay Example Internet was invented to facilitate the information collection system and communication of the USA military force. However, with the increased use of computer over time and sharp fall in computer prices, Internet made its entry into the households in the 80s and more effectively during 90s. Soon Internet became popular in almost all the developed countries and made its way into the developing countries as well. The 90s witnessed a sharp decrease in computer prices owing to the continuous research and development in the field of Information Technology and efficient, smaller and cheaper computers had been invented during this period. At the same time Internet became more and more available due to spread of optical fiber at a mass level and its price fell due to the emergence of competing organizations in the field of Internet service providers. The situation was perfect for the Internet to spread at the onset of the new millennium and it made an optimum use of that situation to spread even at a much faster rate than before and made a much deeper drive than it had ever made since its inception. The U.S government should not regulate Internet because it could endanger e-business. Firstly, Internet is readily available to anyone and even that at a cheap rate. The ready availability is due to the spread of optical fiber beneath the seawater, which has made possible the continental connectivity and the cheaper price is due to the competitive nature of the Internet service providers’ market. If one service provider asks a little higher price he would surely lose customers, as the customer will get the same service at a cheaper rate. Secondly, Internet is brilliant for getting any information, from weather condition to railway availability. All these can be known by a click of the mouse and comparing to its information providing capability, the

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