Friday, October 18, 2019

Race & Racism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Race & Racism - Essay Example Racism defines the power of a particular group to eliminate other minorities in various ways. It does not have to rely on physical distinctions though, because it can be in the form of distinguishing the culture and behavior of a certain group. Social and political areas of the society can contribute to the idea of racism as they stand for the general population. Racism affects not only the people who are responsible enough to handle such discriminations but also the children or the young generations (Coombs, 1994; Semchison, 2007). The young generation is corrupted as to how the government used them in order to control the indigenous people. Commonly, skin color determines the opportunity for a child from schools, jobs and even in marriage (Smith, 2003). Discrimination among the aboriginal Australians have been a feature of its history. Stealing the generation is just one of the marks of racism in Australia; racism also includes segregating the aborigines and forced them to work for a mission. This scenario largely impacted the health of the aborigines. Their lives have been put into an unvarying threat and losing their lands created more tension. Relocating can be treated as the main reason why the aborigines have developed health problems because of the frustrations and other deprivation they have encountered. They have been put into a violent discipline where they were restricted to take advantage of what belongs to them at first (Semchison, 2007). A concrete example of deprivation is that, funds for healthcare are not adequate to respond to the needs of the people. Moving into the urban life made it difficult for the aboriginal people to deal with their health problems because they cannot, for a fact, afford the medications. Mostly, people are being dominated by those of power because of their poverty. Results are reflected through the poor health, substance abuse, unemployment, violence against women, deprivation on

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