Wednesday, July 17, 2019

‘One Flesh’ by Elizabeth Jennings and ‘I wanna be yours’ by John Cooper Clarke Essay

1 class by Elizabeth Jennings has the overall impression after reading the verse form that it is about 2 old people who feed grown apart from being with each early(a) for so long. It is write in 1st soulfulness, by whiz of their churlren, who is observing them lying apartIt is perceptible that one of the descendants is weighty the poesy from atmospheres such as whose fire from which I came and these two who ar my father and mother. Their child will straightway be an adult as references that refer to the join as being old suggest this. Do they know theyre old. This soulfulness is telling the poem in 1st mortal and is overt from words such as my and I. provided however in One condition the emotions of the child are not about them, it is about a tertiary person, but still it is written in 1st person.I wanna be yours by tin can Cooper Clarke is a poem regarding a person expressing their love for someone. The poem consists of a great turning of metaphors and simi lars to express the way he feels. He uses these literary devices to show that he wanna be yours even if he is expert an everyday item such as a ford cortina or a unsophisticated raincoat.From words such as I, me, my it is apparent that the poem I wanna be yours is written in 1st person. This allows the author to express his thoughts and emotions forthwith from him and not through another person e.g. 3rd person.Individually both poems are about expressing an whimsy about consanguinitys. The relationship in One body-build may be coming to an end, but the relationship in I wanna be yours is coming to vanquishher. As both poems regard relationship, it is obvious that love associates with them. some(prenominal) the poems refer to love, passion and emotion indirectly. One flesh uses the comparison of fire to love in the line whose fire from which I came. This line also explains that the person revealing the situation within the poem, is a child of the two lovers. Within I wanna be yours a line such as thats how recondite is my emotion reveals how much the author cares for the person the poem is directed towards.The attitudes of the sources are hugely different. As the writer of I wanna be yours wants someone for their self, the writer of one flesh is c at oncerned about the relationship and substantially being of their parents.The attitude, which expresses itself in the title I wanna be yours, is a selfish attitude, as the author wants that person whatever the consequences. This is visible in take me with you anyplace. However, at the same time, a loving and paying attention attitude is presence from lines such as you get parky without and with indistinct devotion.The poem I wanna be yours utilises many metaphors and similars in the poem to intimate that he wants to be hers even if he is just an electric heater.One flesh includes half(prenominal) rhyme, which is inconsistent. This inconsistency deliberately relates to the inconsistency in the come ali ve within their relationship.Strangely apart, yet strangely destination together is a metaphors in One Flesh which shows how they are emotionally apart, but they are physically close together within the house. Whose fire from which I came, has now grown cold. The fire expresses that once they were passionate lovers and produced a child, but grown cold expresses that they are no longer passionate.The author uses metaphors in I wanna be yours to express his feelings such as deep as the deep atlantic maritime thats how deep is my emotion By employ the depth of the atlantic ocean to compare to his devotion, he express love.Repetition is used to create a beat to the poem deep deep deep deep de deep deep. It is also re informing how deep his devotion is.Overall One flesh is about a relationship that has already occurred, and I wanna be yours is about a relationship that is at the beginning where there is a sight of passion.

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