Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Artificial Intellengence Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Artificial Intellengence - Research Paper Example Over period of time advancements kept coming in this area and today we have robots that can talk, act and move just like human beings, all to artificial intelligence. In modern times the term was introduced by John McCarthy in the year 1956. Artificial intelligence can be distinguished into various branches that include Perceptive system, vision system, robotics and expert system and neural networks in prime. The A.I equipped machines find large number of uses in modern day, and a prime example can be quoted from the fire fighter machines that are built for purpose of going into the fire blazed buildings and rescuing many lives. In manufacturing industry, A.I finds its use through the assembly line production where automatic transmission and processing takes place, and the system is pre fed and all activities take place in a programmed manner. Neural networks a branch of artificial intelligence finds large number of applications in modern times in form of voice recognition softwares implementation, and face detection .Various programming languages are used for A.I interpretation, one of them being LISP. Finally the main features of A.I can be summed up as plant layout in an industry, help desk, emergency situation movements, shipping and warehouse

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