Thursday, July 25, 2019

Retail Analytics Report Statistics Project Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Retail Analytics Report - Statistics Project Example The number of male and female respondents from Jones Plc is 37 and 33 respectively. On the other hand, the number of male and female respondents from Farmhouse is 23 and 35 respectively. The average weekly wage considering the three companies was 353.9990 with the highest paying company offering $678 weekly wage; while the lowest paid worker earned $123 per week. When asked if they enjoy their job; 4 of the respondents strongly disagreed, 21 disagreed, 69 neither disagreed nor agreed, 83 agreed while 23 of the respondents agreed to enjoy their job. It is clear that those who agreed to enjoying their jobs were many than those who were not enjoying their jobs in the three companies. In terms of how well the respondents work well with the other colleagues; there was quite a positive results with those who agreed and strongly agreed were 70 and 21 respectively. This was great compared to those who strongly agreed (1) and disagreed (24) while those undecided stood at 84. However, it was i nteresting to note that most of the respondents don’t gel on well with other colleagues. According to the results, 14 and 87 of the respondents strongly disagreed and disagreed respectively to getting on well with others. This number is significantly high as compared to 21 who agreed and 7 of the respondents who strongly agreed. It is worth noting that despite most of the respondents agreeing to enjoy their work; quite a number also agreed that their work is not that challenging. 23 of the respondents strongly disagreed that their work is challenging while 71 of the respondents disagreed that their work is challenging. This number is high as compared 23 who agreed and 9 who strongly disagreed. However, 74 of the respondents were neutral on the issue. This result is quite familiar when asked if their work is interested. In this category, 15.9% and 1.5% stated that they disagreed and strongly disagreed respectively that their work is interesting. On the

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