Sunday, June 2, 2019

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I remember the night all too well. It was an August evening and my parents left my younger brother Steve and I home al iodin as the rest of my family went to one of my younger sister, Aprils, softball games. They left the two of us together thinking that they could trust us since I was the older brother and that Im going to be a senior in high school. I guess that eventually proved to be quite the mistake.As I recall it, Steve and I became bored after watching a few minutes of television. Our cable was disconnected the week earlier, and so the only channels we received werent too exciting for teenage boys. Out of desperation, Steve begged me to find something for us to do. I decided that since it was still pretty good outside, we could go out and create a little fun of our own. And that is exactly what happened We grabbed the barbeque lighter and began circling our house and driveway looking for flammable objects. Since I was the one in charge, of course I was a little nervous, but I knew, or at least I hoped I knew, that Steve had an idea of what he was doing.Paper, leaves, and an insouciant cat got pretty monotonous, so I told Steve that we should good head back into the house. Now please take note that Steven thrives on attention, and albeit hes not the brightest crayon in the box, he loves to have people around to laugh and joke with as he attempts his insane adventures. So he suggested that we move onto big and better things, promising me that it would be well worth my time. I got a bit curious as to what he had planned, so I went along just for kicks. Besides, how bad could it really be?Pleased that I was joining him, Steve grabbed a can of bug spray that was lying on our back deck. He in addition asked me to run into the garage and grab as many aerosol cans as I could find. All that I could gather was a can of Lysol, Raid and a half-empty can of wasp-repellent. I wasnt exactly feeling too good about this, but Steve assured me that because of scouts , he was a professional pyromaniac. I was as curious as ever by now, and so I was concentrating on his every move.

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