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Waiting for Godot and The House of Bernarda Alba Essay -- Waiting For

In the plays Waiting for Godot and The House of Bernarda Alba, life and death are significant concepts. Life is meaningless in Godot as they merely wait until death, whilst Bernarda Alba depicts futility of life without passion, love or freedom. The House of Bernarda Alba, through Adelas rebellious spirit signifies living a life that is passionate, enchantment in Waiting for Godot Beckett seems to imply that life is meaningless. Whilst Waiting for Godot focuses more on the metaphorical aspect of death, The House of Bernarda Alba takes on the literal death through Adelas suicide. As playwrights, Lorca and Beckett convey their find outs on life and death through their works. Beckett portrays a cyclical, boring existence in Waiting for Godot, whilst dramatic action is explicitly seeming(a) in Lorcas The House of Bernarda Alba. Just as their views on life are contrasting, the two playwrights have different views on death as well. This is caused by the major cultural differences betwe en the two playwrights. Lorcas work is set in the Spanish Culture and the Civil Wars social repression, darn the views expressed in Becketts absurdist play is significantly affected by WWII existentialism. Both Beckett and Lorca agree that death is an inevitable occurrence, however they have different views on its significance. by the characterization of their main characters, the playwrights illuminate their contrasting views on life and death.Through depicting their main characters significant life events, Lorca and Beckett convey their contrasting view on life. Waiting for Godot indicates no purpose for our actions and existence. Reiterating the purposelessness of life, the lives of the character are a repetitive cycle of meaningless conversation an... ...kett conveys his belief that life is merely a waiting period for ones death, in The House of Bernarda Alba, Lorca through Adeles fiery spirit, shows a passionate life. Thus, through the lives of Vladimir, Estragon and Adela th e two playwrights respective views on life were portrayed. The playwrights view of death however, is similar, as both view death as a source of change and insignificant event in society. Life and death is a significant theme explored in both Waiting for Godot and The House of Bernarda Alba, and through these plays, the audience inevitably gains new perceptions for life and death. Works CitedBeckett, Samuel. Waiting For Godot. 3rd ed. N.p. cost-of-living index Group, 2006. Print. Vol. 1 of Samuel Beckett The Complete Dramatic Works. 4 volsLorca, Federico Garcia. La Casa de Bernarda Alba, Manchester University Press, 1984. Print

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