Monday, June 10, 2019

The Effects of an Ineffective Safety Program Research Paper

The Effects of an Ineffective Safety Program - Research Paper ExampleStranks (2010) explains that any establishment should take responsibility of its actions. Whether a goods making or religious service industry, the operations of a business will affect the environment either positively or negatively. The negative effects are the or so common due to awareness of labor laws and human rights by the employees. Safety programs cut across almost every type of business or organization be it teaching, service providing or nonprofit making organizations. Its consequences are felt due to the presence of people.A business which practice poor safety measures suffers a big blow in the long run. If the company has poor working conditions, it risks the effect of strikes, vandalism and go slows. Strikes and go slows hinders the organizations operations and profitability at the fire of the day. A peaceful environment is easy and cheap to maintain as compared to the costs incurred to solve a dispu te (Williams, 2014).The costs incurred to solve organizational disputes whitethorn be tremendous involving legal fees, fines and compensation which add up to the companys cart of losses.The companys ineffective safety precautions can similarly cause financial losses due to payment of damages to workers and law suits. Financial losses affect the stakeholders capital share which ruins the companys dough worth and reputation. The company can also be sued by the community if it practices unhygienic waste disposal mechanisms (Cambridge, 2010).The community can also seek an injunction from the court to terminate the existence of the company. These are some of the areas that the companies need to check to avoid sudden interruptions.Manufacturing organizations pose a significant chance of hazards to its employees as compared to service providing companies. This is due to the frequent usage of dangerous machines and equipments. Many manufacturing companies experience a lot of cases regard ing partial or physical disability encountered during the line of duty. Under parturiency

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