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Living Conditions in Kenya Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Living Conditions in Kenya - Essay ExampleSocial justice theory on the other hand develops the principles that govern the social crop of a rescript. Social Justice refers to the ability that people have, for purposes of realizing their potentials, within the society in which they live (Clayton and Williams, 2004). On this basis, there is a need of establishing institutions that would help the society to lead a better and fulfilling life. The principles established by the theory of social justice are, personal and political liberties, equal opportunities, etc. This paper argues that the living conditions in Kenya are poor, and majority of people are unable to get better services because of inefficiency in the manner in which the national government distributes resources to the grassroots level. forrader December 2007, Kenya was categorized as one of the success stories in Africa. This is because the country was experiencing a fledging democracy, and an unprecedented economic growth, which was characterized by a booming tourism perseverance (Williams, 2012). It is important to understand that the population of the country is approximated at 35.5 million people, with approximately 10 million people living in the urban areas (Oppong and Oppong, 2012). The capital city is in Nairobi, with over three million people residing in it. The 2007 elections in Kenya culminated into an electoral violence that was so severe and deadly. This violence shocked the entire world, and this is because Kenya has been regarded as a symbol of peace and stability within a region that was infested with civil wars and armed conflicts. Kenya faces a series of problems, such as corruption, HIV/AIDS, higher(prenominal) standards of living, poverty, malnutrition and hunger, a poor health sector, tribalism, and poor leadership and governance (Oppong and Oppong, 2012). These mentioned problems are the main causes that make the living conditions in Kenya to be poor and substandard. For instan ce, it is

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