Friday, June 7, 2019

Future Life Reading Essay Example for Free

Future Life Reading EssayFirst, I can see a man and a woman walking into view from the bottom left of the image, diagonally across the scene to the top right. They are holding hands as they walk. She is wearing a real light and airy thin materialed flowing white dress I cannot see her hair color. She is a thin woman. The man, as they are walking is pointing things out(p) to the woman, things in the distance. He seems to speak a lot about the things he is pointing at. He has black hair and is wearing a shirt or a jacket that reminds me of Star Trek TNG, or separate similar sci-fi attire, goldish in color and almost sparkly the edges a 2 (at least) thick line of slightly lighter color around the outer edges of the garment. The setting appears to be sand in color, Egypt would be the closest reference from here on earth, and the sun is shining. on that point are others around, but not immediately close-by to this couple. (To note As I was writing this, at about 1030 am Eastern standardised Time, I got a very strong smell of beer. I do not have any beer in my home.)Second, I got a close up image of a womans face/head. She has moderately long dark hair, and wears what appear to be thick-lensed glasses. She is sitting in some sort of work seating such as in an auditorium, arena, or university classroom. She is holding a pen or pencil in her right hand between her fingers, unceasingly moving her hand around as she speaks to a person seated to her right. I believe the person she is speaking with is male, adult, but I cannot see him. wholly the while, she is watching and listening to what is going on in front of her. She was wearing a light colored long-sleeved thin blouse.Third, it started with an up brass-down workboot. Behind this workboot, faded in the image of a garage or auto shop. The room looked large, but only seemed to have 1 garage door. The boot faded as other images came into view. In this garage, there is now a car at the far wall, directly a cross from theopen door, which has 2 people on the other side of it. One man, which is clearly visible, is the focus of the scene. This man is older, white or very light grey hair, and he is wearing an orange t-shirt. This man is close to 6-feet tall-growing from the look of it. The other man with him is like a shadow figure, never coming into view enough to see him, only enough to see that he is there he is shorter than the older man.The older gentleman in the orange shirt is looking over toward another part of this room and seems to be parameter with someone. He doesnt look happy at all. I cannot see the person he is careen with, however, I get the feeling that he is arguing with his wife over something as he is getting ready to leave to go somewhere. Directly outside the garage door, I can see paving material and grass to the side, and there looks to be a fence next to the grass. On the grass, I see something largely red with blue, definitely a childs toy it looks like it may be a small wagon or dump truck, but I cant see for sure. there is something else to the left of this object but I cannot make it out either Im guessing a tricycle.

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