Friday, June 21, 2019

PR FINAL PROJECT Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

PR FINAL PROJECT - Research Paper ExampleThe industry further requires PR executives to take in for long hours, including weekends, and even standing in the rain or snow to check in invitees while earning diminutive salaries that are not convenient (Brown 1). given the intertwined nature of the entertainment industry and other industries, PR executives must be updated on what is taking place in the world generally. Intrinsically, it requires one to have high temperature for such a job to endure the shortcomings thereof and not just being interested in the glamour (Walker 1).PR Agencies hire staff to campaign their various obligations to their clients, depending on the area of interest. One can be hired as an account representative in either a movie theatre, a film production company or by an entertainer as publicists. state-supportedists are engaged in managing and representing entertainers image before the eyes of the public. This is done by ensuring that Web sites, TV shows, n ewspapers, and magazines contain good press about the entertainer (Kennedy 1). An account manager for a film production company is responsible for the exploration and lurching of refreshful film coverage opportunities, the establishment and maintenance of a potent relationship with the media, and the creation of exciting campaigns that are integrated digitally (SAR 1). Movie theatres account representatives establish and uphold membership schemes and formulate initiatives that will urge people to visit the movie theatre habitually (The National Advisory Public Body for Theatres 1).PR departments for an entertainment company that does not outsource its public relations tasks may hire a candidate, who fulfills the criteria set out, to help answer journalists when they call for about the company, represent the company in public appearances and interviews (Media 1).Having garnered sufficient experience in the field of PR, it is a lucrative job

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